Friday, December 17, 2010

I never have sex dreams either.

"Man, I don’t even get proper sex dreams, they’re always mixed in with some kind of plot and I wake up before the sex actually happens. I dreamt I was in an airport cafe waiting for a flight, and a blond girl with freckles sat down across from me and kissed me on the cheek. Didn’t know who she was, but she smiled at me and then we were under Eiffel tower in the rain, we were all alone and kissing, and we were peeling off each others wet clothes when I woke up. And then I had another dream where I was on some kind of ancient temple complex with lapis lazuli and marble floors and idols and columns and all that shit; the whole thing slowly rising out of the sea. It was night, and I was racing around being chased by some Lovecraftian creature and then I saw a set of steps leading up to a curtain, and I opened it and there was a lady in a kimono who took off my wet clothes and gave me tea and we were making out but I woke up before anything happened!

My subconcious is a freaking pussyblock. Also I guess I have a fetish for wet clothes?"

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