Friday, December 17, 2010

I never have sex dreams either.

"Man, I don’t even get proper sex dreams, they’re always mixed in with some kind of plot and I wake up before the sex actually happens. I dreamt I was in an airport cafe waiting for a flight, and a blond girl with freckles sat down across from me and kissed me on the cheek. Didn’t know who she was, but she smiled at me and then we were under Eiffel tower in the rain, we were all alone and kissing, and we were peeling off each others wet clothes when I woke up. And then I had another dream where I was on some kind of ancient temple complex with lapis lazuli and marble floors and idols and columns and all that shit; the whole thing slowly rising out of the sea. It was night, and I was racing around being chased by some Lovecraftian creature and then I saw a set of steps leading up to a curtain, and I opened it and there was a lady in a kimono who took off my wet clothes and gave me tea and we were making out but I woke up before anything happened!

My subconcious is a freaking pussyblock. Also I guess I have a fetish for wet clothes?"

Anon's Dream

"Dude I had a fucked up dream just now. I was sitting at home reading a newspaper and my parents let in these flies inside from the front door (or more like the flies had unlocked the door and let themselves in), they were bigger than regular flies, like the size of a fist, and they both had little clothing garments and one had a notepad. The elderly female voice coming from the fly with the notepad projected like a regular human voice and they started to buzz about the living room. It turns out they were some sort of inspectors going about each place to check up on things and report anything that might be hazardous, and my parents were bending over backwards to appease them, and that fly with the notepad kept marking shit down and speaking in this haughty one point it found a chip in the wall near the bathroom and looked at the other fly and was like “this needs to be fixed as it can lead to the black hole”…then they buzzed into my room, and my parents stayed there while the flies came back in the living room and started crowding me from my recliner, both buzzing at eye level.

The fly with the notepad was like “Why is there a mattress on the ground next to another bed in your room?” At this point this is the first time I look at the flies head on, and I’ve been tactfully trying to ignore them…the one speaking to me has this severely morose grandmotherly face with a missing left eye, and there is no patch or anything hiding it while the other one looks just like a regular fly one bigger. I say, “Oh yeah, someone was sleeping over the other night, this guy Mike.” And the fly snaps back, “and what is he to you..a roommate, a boyfriend, a friend!?” And I go, “he is not a roommate, and the rest is none of your fucking business!”. And the fly just stares point blank, like it’s affronted I would dare to speak anything but obediently to its intrusive questions, and then it makes a thread and goes,”You better watch what you say, or I will come here and look for the tiniest excuse to evict your family!”, and I get off the recliner and start walking towards them, now rolling up my newspaper, until their backs are against the screen by the porch door and for some reason what I say next is from their POV, so I see my face in beaded sweat yelling with malice,” If you EVER kick us out for some petty reason, to get back at me, I will NEVER REST. I will come AFTER YOU and sue you for every clause I can find, I will make you pay until you don’t have a fucking penny, OR WORSE!”…and at this point I can’t hold back the rage and I swat them both with the paper as hard as I can and I see their crippled bodies both hit the floor with the little notebook…

And right at that moment I wake up."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update: busy life and love? Also songs.

I'm terribly sorry for the late of update. Life is eating me alive. 
Everyday after school, I tend to pass out. 

All's not too bad though, I've been playing Pokemon White. I can't even read Japanese, but I've beaten the 7th gym leader! I've been trying to get ready for Oni-con, an anime convention in Texas. I've been doing alright in school, it's just so tiring. I've explained before in a dream that I only see my mother on Mondays. She's been away for a cruise and she has returned. We spent last Monday watch RED in theaters (which was good movie, imo) and she ordered sushi for me afterwards. That was a pretty awesome day.

Lately... I've been spending time with a girl. I just met her this year, but I feel so close to her. The feeling is mutual. We've told each other I love yous and even both imagined having a physical relationship together. But, it's complicated. We've seriously thought about being in a relationship together, but it seems a bit impossible. I decided to ask her out today, to make things official, she just replied, "I don't know." It's okay. I'm okay. Don't worry.

Since it's close to the topic, a little bit of recommendations. Most of them are just nice, love songs. The first one song sounds like only raindrops at first, but give it a few seconds to let the song begin. Seriously, if you're a gushy kind of person, you really have to listen it to the very end.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sick kissing.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I've been a bit sick. At least I've been able to remember my dreams. I won't get into it now, but a lot of it has to do with the TV show Supernatural and the other was inspired by supernatural powered military group with a mix of normal life.

The one dream about the TV show Supernatural... turned out really gay, literally. Just a lot of Dean kissing other guys, I don't know why. I don't even normally slash this show. Maybe my gay senses are tingling and is telling me to catch up with the show. Anybody watch Supernatural too?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lucid dreamers?

By the way, I'm still looking for some people who would like to share their dreams on my blog: Dream Sharing! It'd be best if you just specified if you wanted me to feature your dream into my blog or not. I can't tell if you just want to share it within the comments or into my blog. Anyway, today's topic is lucid dreamers!

I noticed some comments on my blog about lucid dreaming. To tell the truth, I'm not a very lucid dreamer! I'm never really aware I'm dreaming. Every time I dream, I just accept the fact I'm in this world and everything is supposedly the way it's suppose to be.  A lot of my dreams play out like a movie or play, I just simply fall into these roles and go with them. Even the character(s) I play is ambiguous. Sometimes I'll start from one character's point of view, and see it from another yet I still try to attain the goal I was originally going for, or somehow that too changes.

The only times I was a very lucid dreamer is when I have terrifying dreams. Like I know something's out there to kill or get me, and it's right in front of my face and I know I'm going to die. I stir up a shitload of panic inside me and I instinctively go, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" and snap my eyes open. Although that's only happened to me a handful of times.

I'm a little jealous of lucid dreamers, what is it like? 

I imagine that if I do it, I might fuck up my world of dreams. I already really do enjoy how I dream, it's crazy how much imagination and creativity my brain can make up for me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The old man.

While I haven't been writing down any of the dreams I've been having lately because I can't seem to recall any of them at all, I do have a dream that I had not too long ago. I actually remember some of it because I told my friend and teacher about it. 

Truth be told, I don't remember a lot of it. I just remembered what had the most impact on me. All I remember was this old man in my dream who resembled my Economics teacher who is on the older side. In real life, he has a terrible habit of forgetting things and repeating what he said. I once pointed that out to him and the girl next to me jokingly shushed me and told me he had Alzheimer's, I baww'd a little bit because I thought it was actually true for a second.

Anyway, starting on my dream near the end because that's when he appeared. Somehow this old guy shows up in my dream, he seemed lost so I tried to help him. I don't remember much, but every so often he would start talking about his wife, brother, or some family member. But then he would look down at his wristwatch and see crossed out words on them and remembered they were dead. Since he couldn't remember anything, he kept thinking his family was alive, but he wrote down their names on his wristwatch and crossed them out as they begin to die of old age. Each time reminding him that they were gone when he looked down at his watch, feeling alone again and again each time he did.

I think I tried to cheer him up by giving him an old Pokemon game to play. He started at the beginning of the game and was at the part where you had to leave home. Once he left, his mind began to drift again and he forgot what he was doing. "Where am I? I think I have to get back home. Where is my home?" And the old man tries to move his character in the game, looking for his way back home only to forget again where he was.

It was just so sad watching him. I kept trying to help him, but he continued to forget.
It was like an unending circle of hopelessness. 

Dream sharing.

  Guys, I have a confession to make. While I do like to share my dreams and type them out for you guys, I would really love to hear any of your dreams! Doesn't have to new or as detailed as mine. Even if you're not the type to remember dreams, try telling me the most memorable dreams you've ever had. I even like dreams that don't make sense. If you would like to share any dreams with me, don't hold out!

And with your permission, I'll feature your dream into my blog and will add a link back to your blog! Just comment or message me your dreams.  

I've been suggesting to some people they should create their own dream journal too. But I know it's a hard thing to keep up with, so that's why I thought it would be a cool idea if we could all work together to make an open dream journal. And don't worry about telling me your dreams every single day, just share what dreams you feel comfortable with with sharing. And hey, if this works out all well, I'll change my whole blog to keep up with it. :D