Monday, October 4, 2010

The old man.

While I haven't been writing down any of the dreams I've been having lately because I can't seem to recall any of them at all, I do have a dream that I had not too long ago. I actually remember some of it because I told my friend and teacher about it. 

Truth be told, I don't remember a lot of it. I just remembered what had the most impact on me. All I remember was this old man in my dream who resembled my Economics teacher who is on the older side. In real life, he has a terrible habit of forgetting things and repeating what he said. I once pointed that out to him and the girl next to me jokingly shushed me and told me he had Alzheimer's, I baww'd a little bit because I thought it was actually true for a second.

Anyway, starting on my dream near the end because that's when he appeared. Somehow this old guy shows up in my dream, he seemed lost so I tried to help him. I don't remember much, but every so often he would start talking about his wife, brother, or some family member. But then he would look down at his wristwatch and see crossed out words on them and remembered they were dead. Since he couldn't remember anything, he kept thinking his family was alive, but he wrote down their names on his wristwatch and crossed them out as they begin to die of old age. Each time reminding him that they were gone when he looked down at his watch, feeling alone again and again each time he did.

I think I tried to cheer him up by giving him an old Pokemon game to play. He started at the beginning of the game and was at the part where you had to leave home. Once he left, his mind began to drift again and he forgot what he was doing. "Where am I? I think I have to get back home. Where is my home?" And the old man tries to move his character in the game, looking for his way back home only to forget again where he was.

It was just so sad watching him. I kept trying to help him, but he continued to forget.
It was like an unending circle of hopelessness. 


  1. It was a sad dream! After I woke up, I directly texted my friend about the dream. I texted her something along of the lines of, "IT. WAS. SO. SAD!"

    But later that day, I told my Economic teacher about it and he made a joke of it. So it wasn't so sad anymore, haha. That day if he forgot anything, he would make a crack at me saying my dream was right.

  2. That is a sad dream man, I can never remember this much of my dreams.

  3. This kinda took me aback for a sec, wondering whether it was something surreal that I was reading. It was like I was ported into your mind. Great writing. Great delivery. Glad though that it wasn't my dream!

  4. you need to tell me all about how you get these dreams. i want some.

  5. @Shadow: I didn't remember much of this dream either, I could only recall the ending which was this bit. Although I assure the rest of the dream wasn't as sad as the old man's story.

    @BökChöd: Haha, thank you! I actually don't really have a lot of confidence in my writing, so I appreciate the comments. I'm sure it was just the picture helping out a lot.

    @Square C: If I knew how, I would have harvest the things needed and created my own dreaming invention to open up the world of dreams and share them with anybody who wanted it!