Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update: busy life and love? Also songs.

I'm terribly sorry for the late of update. Life is eating me alive. 
Everyday after school, I tend to pass out. 

All's not too bad though, I've been playing Pokemon White. I can't even read Japanese, but I've beaten the 7th gym leader! I've been trying to get ready for Oni-con, an anime convention in Texas. I've been doing alright in school, it's just so tiring. I've explained before in a dream that I only see my mother on Mondays. She's been away for a cruise and she has returned. We spent last Monday watch RED in theaters (which was good movie, imo) and she ordered sushi for me afterwards. That was a pretty awesome day.

Lately... I've been spending time with a girl. I just met her this year, but I feel so close to her. The feeling is mutual. We've told each other I love yous and even both imagined having a physical relationship together. But, it's complicated. We've seriously thought about being in a relationship together, but it seems a bit impossible. I decided to ask her out today, to make things official, she just replied, "I don't know." It's okay. I'm okay. Don't worry.

Since it's close to the topic, a little bit of recommendations. Most of them are just nice, love songs. The first one song sounds like only raindrops at first, but give it a few seconds to let the song begin. Seriously, if you're a gushy kind of person, you really have to listen it to the very end.

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