Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lucid dreamers?

By the way, I'm still looking for some people who would like to share their dreams on my blog: Dream Sharing! It'd be best if you just specified if you wanted me to feature your dream into my blog or not. I can't tell if you just want to share it within the comments or into my blog. Anyway, today's topic is lucid dreamers!

I noticed some comments on my blog about lucid dreaming. To tell the truth, I'm not a very lucid dreamer! I'm never really aware I'm dreaming. Every time I dream, I just accept the fact I'm in this world and everything is supposedly the way it's suppose to be.  A lot of my dreams play out like a movie or play, I just simply fall into these roles and go with them. Even the character(s) I play is ambiguous. Sometimes I'll start from one character's point of view, and see it from another yet I still try to attain the goal I was originally going for, or somehow that too changes.

The only times I was a very lucid dreamer is when I have terrifying dreams. Like I know something's out there to kill or get me, and it's right in front of my face and I know I'm going to die. I stir up a shitload of panic inside me and I instinctively go, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" and snap my eyes open. Although that's only happened to me a handful of times.

I'm a little jealous of lucid dreamers, what is it like? 

I imagine that if I do it, I might fuck up my world of dreams. I already really do enjoy how I dream, it's crazy how much imagination and creativity my brain can make up for me.


  1. When I used to get lots of lucid dreams (while i was serious stoner...), I would always have full freedom, but for some reason I couldn't do "dream" things like fly, or be an animal or something. I was always myself and I always had to deal with everything as if it was real.

    It sucked.

  2. Every time I have lucid dreams, I wake up really disturbed. I have noticed though, that I dream more vividly when laying to bed after a nice glass of red wine with some cheese. It's like... I'm alive!!

  3. Yeah, I lucid dream pretty often (like once a week on average) since I started polyphasically sleeping. I lucid dream in my naps, not in my core sleeps, so maybe if you start practicing in a naptime you will have more luck?

    " I instinctively go, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" and snap my eyes open" - That isn't really the same as lucid dreaming. If you were truly lucidly dreaming it couldn't be a nightmare like that. I have had those times where I forced myself away from a nightmare, but that felt like a 'lower level of awareness' and does not compare to a true lucid dream.

  4. haha srsly why are everyones lucid dreams so rockin
    mine are like..well I just dream about getting ready for college, finidng my shoes, eating grapes and waiting for the bus and then BAM
    I wake up
    its incredibly frustrating

    oh this is Syl btw