Saturday, October 2, 2010


Spirit Week is this starting this week. Are you excite? I'm excite. 

Spirit Week Schedule 
  • Decade Day
  • Crazy Hair Day
  • Character Day
  • Class Color Day
  • Maroon Out!

I might not do Decade Day, depends if I have time to go to Goodwill and find something usable. I was planning on wear a leather/denim jacket and style my hair into a pompadour. If not, I'll use the pompadour idea for crazy hair day. 

I'm most excited for Character Day, me and my friend will be Mario and Luigi. We went shopping at Salvation Army on Wednesday when they were having 50% off clothing. I got a pair of badass brown shoes that easy to slip on, red shirt and overalls. We won't look pro, but fuck it, it's our last year and we're gonna have fun. We're gonna hopefully get the hats soon through some connections and we still need to shop for white gloves. Best part, more friends might join our idea and be other characters along the series.

Class Color, we're finally fucking white! For three years, the '11 students have been the color yellow. I hate yellow, fuck! Retard yellow. I even bought the white senior shirt, "On a scale of 1-10, we're '11!" And it was just only five dollars, woot.

Maroon Out! Ehh, maroon's the school color. I guess I should go get a maroon shirt at Goodwill too. One of the things I won't be looking forward to in spirit week is when uncreative people choose to be "hippies" on Decade Day...

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  1. Just wait 'til November. It's NaChoPoMo!!! National Choad Poking Month. Then you'll have a whole month to be excite about. 8D ~~